It’s Monday and Time to Take Action with Confidence

What are you waiting for? The only thing stopping you take that next step is you! We can achieve what we want in life when we have self-confidence and this is something that can be learnt……we aren’t born confident. Are you ready to push out of that comfort zone, taking a baby step each day?
I love talking, talking to everyone and anyone, I love chatting to Ian, my children, my friends, my clients, I love podcasts, zoom & Skype but FB live terrifies me. Why would that be when I love to talk and that’s all it is…..because it’s another step out of my comfort zone, fear of what people will think (you can’t see anyone else or hear their voices), will I come across in the way I want to be perceived etc. All this stuff goes on but I have been really pushing myself to do this as I feel people will make a greater connection with me. It’s not easy but it really is getting easier……….and it starts with having that confidence.

Are you confident at home in your own surroundings then lose this when you are with friends, plan to say something important to your husband then back out, find the right words to speak to your children then they come out in a completely different way, or do you plan to ask for a pay rise at work and then change the subject?
We ALL lack confidence, we all have fears and doubts, even the most successful of people. Successful people don’t let the fears stand in their way – that’s the KEY, face them! When we face the fears, however painful, we stop them growing and can start to move on.
Decide right now that you are confident. Once you make this decision you will begin to see things slightly differently.
Tips to think about today;
• Don’t suppress your feelings if you feel worthless & hopeless. Face the facts and accept that you would like to be better then you can really focus on exactly what it is you need to improve. Don’t hide.
• Once you accept that you are unhappy with the way you are, you can move on and this is where the change starts to happen.
• Embrace low self-esteem – accept your flaws, accept your imperfections, accept your weak areas – Don’t hide from them or the weaknesses will grow.
• When you make the decision to improve and you take action you will gain confidence
• Confidence breeds confidence and when you have those insecure feelings face them so you improve all of the time.
• Pick a goal for this week, something you really want to achieve – celebrate every tiny success towards this goal and that improvement will give you the confidence to keep going.
No one can ever take your confidence away because it’s something you earn – it can’t be bought, it can’t be given, it can’t be acquired – YOU EARN IT!!!
Share what you really want to achieve this week, what are you going to face in your life and start to turn around? We are here to support you and can’t wait to hear from you!