Does Your Mother STILL Ignore You?

Does Your Mother STILL Ignore You?

Is this still happening in your life right now? Is your mother totally dismissive of anything you do in life? Are you still waiting for her to praise you? Still waiting to feel loved and validated? And absolutely nothing is happening? Is this you?

Does your mother even sometimes just totally REJECT you? And you try so hard to make it right, make an impact, do the right thing……..only to be disappointed once more?
I know how you feel after years of feeling rejection and being totally dismissed for anything that I did. Mum never had time, she was too busy, too distracted, had her own things to sort out, her own worries to tend to, anything BUT ME!!! Sadly I believed her – I really was unworthy and didn’t make her feel proud.

So over time, I began to doubt my own emotional capabilities and my self-esteem plummeted. I had that deep heart felt self-doubt and longed for affection and love. I just wanted to have approval and praise every now and again and it never came….

What was I doing wrong? I was a good girl after all wasn’t I? I questioned myself continually.

At the end of the day I became completely irrelevant to her and tried even harder over the years to ‘win her affection’ but it resulted in mum actually withdrawing and denying that I had even accomplished anything. This was a pattern becoming well and truly entrenched.
This continued until I made a decision to do something different and that was to take the view that I didn’t NEED my mother’s approval, I didn’t NEED her praise, I didn’t NEED her validation, I didn’t NEED her advice, I had all I NEEDED already. It was hard, very hard but I did get my head around it and slowly my self-worth and my inner confidence grew, as the self-doubt began to fade.

If you are feeling like this today…..tell yourself this you don’t NEED anything from your mother, YOU are enough.

Write out all the amazing things about yourself, look at how far you’ve come in life and keep reminding yourself that YOU are enough. If you’re struggling with this, find a mentor, a friend, a coach or a family member to help.
If this resonates with you I invite you to take that step and watch my ‘Mother-daughter Dance Video’ – helping you to release yourself from resentment, anger and guilt allowing yourself just to be, unleashing that ‘Inner Brilliance,’  knowing that YOU are enough. WATCH HERE.