Motivation is the Key

Why is it some people seem highly motivated and achieve many things in a quick manner and others seem to spend their lives procrastinating? A key element for me was to change my approach in how I saw the ‘project’ in hand and as soon as realised I didn’t actually have to be the best and win, the pressure was off and so I was willing to try and see it through to my best ability.
Perhaps you are going to be the one who just doesn’t react anymore to someone in your life? Because you don’t like that feeling & it is you allowing that person to make you feel that way. YOU motivate yourself to BE the person who makes the change – keep bringing up a picture and a feeling of how you DO want to feel in the particular situation. Let’s start taking control of how we think. You can do this.
To feel motivated find the emotion that works for you – think of something that you do that you never hesitate over, notice the picture and you can use that same emotion with something you do want to feel motivated about.
Something that really struck home with me recently is the fact that you can FREE up so much mind space when you organise the everyday things in life and put them on autopilot – for instance, meals and what you’re going to wear. Planning & knowing these things this allows your mind to be free of the constant thoughts about what to eat and wear so you can focus on what is important to you.
The other thing I had to change about myself was my commitment – I had to be 100% committed when I said I was going to achieve something and not look at something half-heartedly or I might as well not bother. So with those two things in mind here are some of the changes I made to keep me motivated.
– Stay positive – we procrastinate when we’re in a bad mood
– Visualisation – short and long term goals, how do you see your life when reaching these milestones, make it very clear and vivid, FEEL the benefits of your achievements. Who is with you, what are you wearing etc?
– Trust your intuition – the ‘knowing’ feeling in your quiet times telling you that you are on track, BELIEVE you will achieve your goal
– Have a daily mantra …….”I am an amazing…….” Think up your own and say it on a regular basis
– Reward yourself along the way, this is absolutely key and really does give you confidence, nothing is more motivating than PROGRESS
– Find some healthy competition alongside your goal…it will make you more serious about it and really will motivate you to keep going
These days I always PLAN what I am going to do before the next day. This does two things for me; it stops me deciding whether to go or not actually on the day (as the decision has already been made) and it reiterates to my subconscious mind what I am doing. This gives me a much better chance of going ahead with the steps towards my goal.
We don’t have all the time in the world. So focus on today and do the things you really want to do.
What works for you, please COMMENT now? Can’t wait to hear from you!