There are No Regrets, Just Lessons Learned

I sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful day yesterday enjoying all the festivities. Thank you all so much for your beautiful messages for which I am truly grateful for – they really touched my heart.
I enjoyed a fabulous day with my family and friends and am so grateful for all the love and happiness that surrounded us all. But I did feel sad for my family at home in England. My sister, being a serious alcoholic is unable now to leave the house and drinks around the clock and my dear father is deteriorating quite badly with Alzheimer’s leaves my Mum pretty much alone in the house with no one really to talk to.
In the past, I would have felt incredible guilt in what I SHOULD be doing & feeling whilst I was enjoying myself in Dubai (and would have also been made to feel guilty) so what was going on in England would have affected my life out here in Dubai. Today I now look at life very differently and by having a nice hour-long chat (this wouldn’t have happened years ago) to Mum and Dad on Christmas day I know I have done all I can do to make Christmas special for them so I can enjoy my day here completely guilt free without the sadness clouding my life.
Mum even wished me well and hoped we all had a wonderful time together – this isn’t easy for Mum in the situation she is in right now but I can see she is well and truly growing on her journey.
In amongst some of the messages from you were words about the way some of you felt things didn’t go as planned and a common word that was used is – SHOULD.
Perhaps you feel that you, your family or your friends SHOULD have –
Behaved in a certain way
Helped more
Been grateful
Accepted you for who you are
Thought before you spoke
Been kinder………I could go on and on couldn’t I but you get the picture.
Remembering now that you cannot change anyone else, make anyone behave in a certain way, make anyone say anything, like, love or praise you let’s look at our language to ourselves.
So, let’s take the word SHOULD out of your vocabulary and replace it with it simply with COULD. You have the choice to think and act differently next time – you can learn from the behaviour you weren’t happy with & move on. Look at how you COULD behave next time, how you COULD think, speak and feel so there are no regrets only lessons. And then take the action so you do behave differently next time not repeating the same old stuff.
Take that NEW path.
You aren’t alone, I am here to help you to with this so please COMMENT – this could be the difference in you feeling happy tomorrow or not!