Nobody can bring You Peace but Yourself

Are you looking for peace in that relationship and it just isn’t working?
It’s taken me years to really grasp this; years of understanding that having that clear heart enjoying peace of mind really is all down to me. How could I have spent almost 35 years looking for peace from everything outside of me, from the people I lived with to the environment I was brought up in hoping for that peace to wash over me? It never came until the day I decided it really was down to me and me alone.
Are you hoping, wanting, needing a life of peace trying to find it in others, trying to make others behave and circumstances change, all to ‘suit you’? Are you looking for peace in that relationship only to ‘fuel the fire’ with your next word, thought or action? Take a deep breath, step back and today, just for today look inside you.
I’d love to invite you to take a few moments of reflection and have put together some pointers here for you to contemplate so you can start to change your perspective.

  • Start really living today – by that I mean….be that person you want to be right now. For instance do you hear yourself saying, ‘I will be so happy when I have a loving relationship with my partner’ or ‘I will be at such peace when my mother and I get on’? The truth is you cannot place your happiness on the result of these relationships; you need to be happy right now in order to achieve what it is you want. Don’t get ready to be that happy person, BE that person right now. You change; don’t wait for them to start making a move.
  • We live in a world of turmoil – awful things do happen, all of the time, which we cannot control. Living in a world which is never peaceful how do we gain that inner peace we so crave? You CAN choose to be at peace with the world and one of the greatest tools is to be out in nature. Get outside in a park, a field, your garden, the woods or the beach. Getting close to nature will bring you that sense of peace inside of you. When you start to find that peace inside, you will start to attract peaceful situations and you will find peace in your relationships, peace that you never saw before.
  • Decide who you want to be – you are in charge. If you want to be a loving wife, BE one. If you want to be a loving daughter BE one, decide today and don’t let circumstances dictate otherwise or make excuses that you can’t be that person because of your partner, mother, father or child. Start looking at life as if fate doesn’t exist. Carve your future, take your life in your hands, do not let someone else mould you and make you somebody you aren’t. Take control of you and peace will start to blossom inside.
  • Be yourself in a situation where someone is trying to change you – perhaps you feel people in your life are trying to make you someone you are not. Are these people trying to sabotage your success? Do they want you to be unhappy? As you get older it is harder to be yourself, as you lose your identity, you lose whom you are. And if you are continually told you are someone else whom do you believe? Have the courage and break free from this situation. Decide to take control of your feelings, your life and not be controlled by others. Remember you have a choice. Seek support, ask for help, and don’t do this alone. Do it for you, because you are worth it.

Today say NO!! I will not conform, I will not allow others to control me, I will not try and control others and my situation, I will be ME, I will gain that inner peace. Don’t be alone, you don’t have to be!
Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this!