~ Nothing can Dim the Light which Shines from Within ~

We all have an inner light, a dream, within us. This is something very important for each of us to know, nurture, and empower. A dream is a huge desire from within to achieve what you want. All of us dream, is your dream still a bright shining light or is it dim?
Keep that light bright, don’t forget what you desire, don’t let challenges get in your way and don’t let the past drag you back ~ hold onto that dream ~ keep it bright. Life will get in the way to dim that light but stay focused, keep it shining brightly. Shine from inside and the world will see your light. We ALL have one!
This won’t always be easy, and the path not always obvious, but you will be rewarded. And always remember to keep your dreams alive, and keep your light shining brightly!
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