~ One Aspect of Jealousy ~

~ One Aspect of Jealousy ~
Are you feeling any pangs of jealousy right now towards others? Is jealously taking over your thoughts? Is it ruining friendships, relationships or your business?
Jealousy is one of the most powerful negative feelings we can have. Jealousy is angry agitated worry. Similar to other forms of worry, jealousy leads us to focus only on the negative. People have different reasons in different cultures for being jealous. But jealousy is a universal emotion.

But before we go any further I’d like you to bear this in mind………
We are all on our own journeys with different exam papers so we cannot copy, strive to be like others, look at them with disdain because that’s actually what we want or who we want to be. Our exam paper is unique to us so only by knowing and understanding ourselves and no one else will we do well. Let’s take a very simplistic view here.
If you want to lose weight and you look at someone thinner than you, or perhaps your friend has lost weight and you haven’t, you might be really jealous of them putting out negative vibes of pure disdain. This in turn tells your subconscious mind (because the subconscious mind listens to emotion) that you don’t like the idea of being thinner. So guess what it becomes harder to lose weight.
This is one very small part of looking at jealousy but can start to change the way you think about others and what you want. So embrace that person if they have a quality that you want, it will reiterate to your subconscious that is exactly what you want.
Understand the emotion of jealousy.
Question your feelings.
Get to the root of your jealousy.
Choose trust over distrust.
The only competition in life is with ourselves.
Are you jealous of someone today? Please share with others, it might help you and them.
Am I jealous of the owner of this yacht?
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