Others Can Learn more from WHO you are than what you Teach

As I sit here and write this I expect there is someone in your life you’re hoping and praying will change in some way – perhaps it is the way they behave towards you, the way they speak to you or maybe you just want to share a new way of behaving or for them to recognise you for your efforts BUT it just isn’t working – they aren’t interested or even taking any notice?
Two things here I would love to share with you from my personal life. Having not discussed my coaching or exactly what I do with my Mum she was amazed to see a steady stream of people come and go from my office during her stay with us in Dubai. This sparked her to be more interested in my work – I didn’t ‘push my work onto her’. She came to me.

So my message is for you to BE that person, let them work it out for themselves and they will get the message in a much better way than you sitting down and telling them. Mum has now seen my videos, blogs, website, radio shows etc and taken a huge interest in her own time, without me saying a word. Far more powerful.
Ian, my husband, has shown little interest in the work I do but has always been amazed at the results in my own personal transformation. Now I’m studying like mad for my hypnotherapy degree and Ian is a real sceptic of this modality but he does, however, continue to support me nonetheless in everything I do. Just recently he has started to take an interest, purely because he can see how my life is growing & he’s ready to take it on board. So I’ve been ‘practising’ hypnotherapy on him and he can really see the results and wants more! This is coming from a sceptical man. I waited for him to come to me. So it’s all about you being that person and not telling that person.
Ian loves car racing and this morning he tells me the importance of meditation………he’s telling me, ha ha! And all because of an interview with the drivers – where Rosberg explains how he beat Hamilton in the race this year through meditation. This now validates it for Ian!
So, ladies don’t force your views, expectations and hopes onto others – you BE that person, you focus on loving yourself, being the best version of you and let others learn from you in their own time, they are on their own journeys. It will be a great weight off your shoulders – just stepping back without having to TRY anymore.