~ Our Days are Happier When We Give People A Bit of our Heart rather Than Piece of Our Mind ~

‘5 Ways to Give More of Your Heart Today’
1. When someone challenges you, stop and try to completely understand their point of view.
2. Find the twinkle in someone’s eye and hold it with a smile
3. Notice more about others and say less about yourself.
4. Do something no one expects you to do AND do this willingly.
5. Write an anonymous thank you and leave it for someone least expecting and most deserving!
For the most part people don’t like being told what to do so if you want to see some changes in a person or a situation try and come from a different place, make those changes from inside yourself. Use a different tone of voice in your replies, take a deep breath and think about what you’re saying, approach the situation from a different mindset, change your behaviour towards that person, that situation. People respond to behaviour better than words. Try it, what have you got to lose.
All of these things add up to you being happier.
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