Some people are going to reject you simply because you shine too brightly for them

Some people are going to reject you simply because you shine too brightly for them
That’s okay – keep shining!
No one likes to feel unwanted or suffer rejection – is this you right now? Is this what is perhaps underneath being worried about other’s opinions? Do you feel people don’t accept you for who you are, perhaps they don’t approve of how you’re behaving or even sabotage your future goals?
We simply cannot control what people say to us but we can control how we react to them – how we respond, learn, release the criticism and move on. Our reaction IS our job.
This is so common and really can have terrible affects on people’s lives, paralyzing them into such a fear so they actually ‘’lose’ sight of who they really are, continually trying to fit in and please – so they are accepted by others. This is especially typical of many relationships, always wanting to been seen as the ‘wonderful daughter, wife, mother, friend and work colleague’ – to our own detriment, in the hope we won’t get rejected.
There are actually some befits of people saying things we don’t really want to hear;
• Be open-minded and you might actually see a new way of doing something instead of thinking of it as a negative comment.
• Learn from the criticism, you could really improve your outlook and new ideas could spring to mind.
• When someone criticises you it gives you the chance to help them change their behaviour…’I understand what you’re saying, but if you didn’t shout at me, I’d take the message on board a lot better?’
• Take a step back and say to yourself….does it really matter to me? How will this affect me next week? Chances are, you will have forgotten all about it.
• Maybe there is even some truth in what you are hearing and if you faced this bit of information it could really help you to me forwards? We don’t like to see our weaknesses but this could turn them around into strengths.
• You could even look to forgive that person, releasing a huge stir of positive emotion inside YOU not them.
• It could just stop you in your tracks having this feeling that you ‘need to be right’ – this is self-destructive and harms your own self-growth. Let go of the ego – it’s not about being right.
• Have you been made aware own insecurities so you shy away from these remarks? Admit to your flaws and you will be a much happier person enjoying success and joy.
Learning to love all of my imperfections, understanding I am not perfect and never will be, knowing not everyone will like or agree with me has been such a huge weight off my mind. I can be me without fear of other’s opinions because I am in control of my mind and not theirs. This has taken me years to master and understand and it truly has to be one of the most amazing places to be – everyone can do this as well. What will you choose?
Where do your struggles lie? What are you battling with right now? Please share, don’t be alone.