~ Questions That Could Change the Way You Think ~

Hi Everyone,
A warm welcome to this week’s newsletter! I am going to share a few questions that have come up from some of my client’s that may well help you with what is going in in your life.
When you experience a crisis or come to a crossroads in your life… do you ever wish you had someone who could help you make the best decisions to get through it in the most painless way possible?
Just recently, I noticed that many of my client’s were struggling in the same areas of life.
1. Dealing With Negative Family Members
“For many years I have struggled with my own inner self and insecurities and I have also struggled with wanting to please others and always worrying if I’m letting them down.
My question is, how does one separate themselves from family members who are negative and suffocating?
I find myself lying to them about what I’m doing because I do not want them to bring me down and I want to avoid conflict.”
Answer: Yes, family is always a tricky situation, as there is a lifelong set of behaviours and expectations on how we are supposed to be with our families – we need to break the pattern to evolve above this.
Nothing has meaning other than the meaning we give it. Your family’s behaviour can only affect you as much as you let it. What I find helps in this situation is to remember that we are all here learning our own lessons at our own pace and in our own time, so it’s not really for us to judge where other people are at in their journey.
Remember that your family members are operating from their past programs and experiences and they can’t help their behavior… they don’t know any different. When you change your perception of their intention, it helps to change how you respond as well!
2. Is My Goal Too Big To Achieve?
“I’d like to make $20,000 per month, but right now any amount seems too large for me to comprehend, as I have been slowly coming out of a financial challenge and for the same reason I can’t put myself in the emotional state of abundance when I feel in survival mode.
My question, is should I set a small goal so it is easiest to convince myself that I will actually get the $20K per month?”
Answer: First of all, I believe there is no such thing as a goal too big… why?
Because if you don’t set ‘the big goal’ you will never achieve it, BUT if you do set the big goal, there’s every chance you will.
Now the big question is, if it doesn’t happen right way… can you live with that? It may take you a year or two, but then again it could also happen within 5 weeks too, you just never know. I say go big, and even if you get halfway there, you are still in a better position than you are now. Does that make sense!?
3. How Can I Move Forward!
“I’ve been feeling stuck and haven’t moved forward for weeks now. I don’t know where my focus should be anymore, as I have lots of ideas but yet I don’t have the inspiration of moving forward in any of them right now…. I am not sure on which I should focus so that I can feel motivated again… what do I do?”
Answer: When I’m stuck like this, I know it’s time to get quiet and ask for guidance. You can either meditate, just sit quietly, or even walk in nature. Be quiet, then ask the question ‘What direction should I move in next?’ THEN, very importantly, be quiet long enough to hear the answer. When we are hectic and busy, our minds are too preoccupied to help us with the answers we need.
Now when I do this, I always get an answer. I don’t know whether the answer comes from my intuition, my subconscious, or from God … all I know is that when YOU ask the question, you will always get an answer.
4. How to keep a positive attitude through adversity
“My sister is critically ill. What tips do you have to stay in your “happy place” in this situation? And also, what words of encouragement do you suggest I give her?”
Answer: The best way I know of to get into your ‘Happy Place’ is through gratitude. I would spend some time thinking of all the amazing things about him and why you are so grateful she IS your sister!
When you are with her, share some of the thoughts or memories you come up with and play a little ‘grateful’ game with her, so you’re both coming up with things.
The more you can focus her thoughts on healing and her future, the less power she’ll be giving to her illness.
5. How Do I Plan the future Whilst Living in the Present Moment 
“How can I enjoy the present moment while setting my intentions and planning for the future? Isn’t this contradicting?”
Answer: The answer is… no! It’s all about the journey!! Each day on your way to your goal, you are learning more about yourself, expanding yourself, experiencing new things and are in gratitude that what you’re learning is a life skill that will have you living beyond anything you can imagine!!
So take a loooong, deeeeep breath and savour every beautiful, amazing moment along the way.
As you can see, we all face similar problems in life, the difference is how we react to them.
And no matter what your situation is, whether you’re experiencing financial problems, a break-up, health issues, or simply feeling bored or stuck, you CAN turn things around and bounce back higher than ever!
I really hope some of these have helped you today and very much look forward to hearing your feedback as always.
If you’re struggling with life and not sure of the next step to take, I can help you. To accelerate your journey in becoming the new positive you, book a FREE Discovery Session now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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