Sharing a Little Bit of Me

Hi there,
I wanted to share a short personal extract here which will resonate with many of you I am sure.
I know who’s sabotaging your success…
The one who’s acting like a little monster… you know this person very well, but sometimes you don’t realise they’re holding you back.
Are you ready for me to reveal who the culprit is?
Well, believe it or not… it’s you!
Let me explain why I say this… and how I came to learn this.  When I say that “you’re sabotaging yourself”… I mean that thoughts you may not even be aware of are sabotaging your success.
These thoughts are called “limiting beliefs,” and we form them at a very young age, and everyone, yes everyone, has them, so you’re not alone.
Most of us are completely unaware that we have limiting beliefs. I first realised mine a few years ago when going through the ultimate Success Masterclass coaching course.
I walked me through an exercise asking me a series of questions about money. I was asked when I first started to form a limiting belief around money, and it was around the age 6.
That’s when I started to notice that when money was mentioned there was always an argument, Dad wanted to spend it, Mum wanted to save it. I heard a lot about how business people who earned high incomes were all crooks and dishonest.
It was then that I realised money in my mind was ‘bad’, it caused arguments and made people into crooks.
And it was then that my limiting belief around money was born…. and little to my knowledge I would carry that burden for years to come.
You see, between the ages of 2-6 our brains are in “sponge mode” which is a theta brain wave state. In this stage we observe everything and learn how to act and respond to the things around us.
At that age we’re very impressionable and those are the years when we form opinions about things like money, health, self-confidence, and love, amongst other things that influence us for the rest of our lives.
Those are also the years that limiting beliefs are formed; beliefs that we’ll carry for years to come; beliefs that have the ability to hold us down.
So what now?
Now that you’ve identified how the little monster inside can hold you back from success, how do you use this information to move forward?
We can’t change the past, and there’s no point in trying. Instead we can spend time focusing on how we can change our thoughts and consciously choose the thoughts and characteristics we want to possess.
So I encourage you to look at the areas of your life you’re looking to improve and replace your negative thoughts/statements with positive ones.
So instead of saying “I can’t pay my bills,” say “I pay my bills in full every month.” Repeat this everyday… and then one day, it’ll be your reality.
You’ll be programming yourself for success through repetition.
I look forward to hearing about the progress you make and how you’ll turn your little monster into your secret weapon for success.
To your abundantly fulfilling life,
P.S. I hope you’ve gained something positive from my personal experience story 🙂