The Shift to saying ‘I Can’ from ‘I Can’t’

Make today the day the start of a new thought process, one where you leave behind your own limitations. Have you ever thought why it is you immediately say I can’t in so many situations when you haven’t even tried anything and then continue to talk yourself out of whatever it is…..
Sound familiar? Well, it used to be the only way I knew of thinking and I had no idea I was even doing it, as I was on automatic pilot. This has nothing to do with determination (which always runs out with me) or willpower but pure BELIEF.

I love doing all the subconscious work with this, changing and forming new beliefs but today I’m talking about making some changes consciously which you can do right now even in the most impossible of situations.
• Be aware of your thoughts and notice the negative ones (there may be lots at first)
• Think of the opposite of this negative belief
• Repeat the positive belief over and over
It might be things like……..
➢ I’m scared……how fabulous it will be when I complete this
➢ This is too hard ……’s a great challenge to learn something new
➢ I’m not clever enough to do this…….I can chunk this done into bite sized pieces and complete one piece today.
➢ I always lose ………today will be different as I’m ready to win
➢ I can’t do this ……….I can do this and will find a way
➢ What if I fail? ………what if I succeed?
Get the idea….I’d love to hear yours today!! Please COMMENT below – this is a great way to affirm your statements and share with others.
Mine is ……
There aren’t enough hours in the day ……..time expands to meet my needs!