So you’re having to return to work

After months of being at home you’ve adjusted to being alone, working from your bedroom, connecting to work colleagues and loved ones only via a screen, living in fear every time you venture out to the supermarket that you just might ‘catch it’, you’re freedom has been snatched away just like that and now they tell you it’s time to return to a ‘new normal’ of working in the workplace.

The fear inside starts to rise inside, thoughts race through your mind, you can feel the anger inside bubbling away, you’re irritable, depressed and worried about being back at work, you can’t sleep and feel restless.
What’s going on?
You’re adjusting to a world that is offering you insecurities, fear and indecision so it’s no wonder all of these emotions are on the rampage.
BUT here’s the thing it doesn’t have to be this way. All that’s happened is you’ve got used to a ‘new normal’ of being at home and not connecting with others and this now feels familiar and safe to you. The mind is biologically wired to resist change which is why you’re struggling so much with the thought of now having to leave your home everyday.
The survival part of of your mind just wants to keep you safe doing the same thing and sees any change to your thinking or behaviours as a threat to your survival, hence you will always feel fear with any change.
So to relieve these fears and stop them circulating around your mind we need to express them in a healthy way so they don’t result in you feeling anxious and overwhelmed.
Pushing these fears done inside of you will only exacerbate the problem but this might be something you’re used to doing. Most of us are not taught to express heavy, negative emotions so we suppress them inside of us. These energy balls of anger and frustration grow and multiply until they explode at the most inappropriate of times.
As an adult you have to learn to express these feelings of anger, rejection, frustration, jealousy and shame or they will continue to manifest inside.
We have three golden rules when releasing these heavy emotions –
Never hurt yourself, anyone else or any property.
So go and write out all of feelings on paper and rip it up into tiny pieces, go and scream it all out (as long as no one is around) or go punch the living daylights out of a pillow.
Get these heavy emotions out of you.
You’ll then find a stillness, a feeling of being a little calmer. And it’s now and only now that you can choose how you’d like to feel about returning to work.
Maybe you’d like to feel calm about it or even excited to see your work colleagues? You get to choose. Draw a memory from your bank of memories when you did feel calm and bring this to mind as often as you can. You’re rewiring your mind to feel calm, so this becomes the ‘new familiar’ and it recognises this as safe and not a threat.
Good luck, you can do this! Life will never be the same again, we can only look forward.