Sometimes You can Hurt Yourself More Than Anyone Can Hurt You

So, you think that someone has hurt you with their actions and words BUT what can be far worse is to keep those feelings inside
This is a very apt saying right now as 5 very brave, courageous ladies reached out to me yesterday – they made a decision that enough was enough, they took the leap, messaged me and we had a conversation. They know who they are and I am so proud of them as I know how hard this can be.
The fabulous thing is the THOUGHT of sending the message was far worse than the actual doing. Break the fear and DO something, talk or write it out but don’t keep those thoughts festering inside.

That hurt & pain inside of you is far worse when you keep it to yourself over the months & years.
As you repeat these thoughts & negative patterns over & over they become cemented in the subconscious mind & become a belief. These beliefs then create your reality as you now believe them to be true.
This was me to a tee years ago feeling totally worthless, with my self-esteem in my boots – having created my own world of needing and wanting from my relationships. I couldn’t change this alone, I needed guidance, reassurance, a safe place, someone who cared and would just listen.
You can then start to believe the real YOU, not the beliefs you’ve been creating, not the stories you’ve been telling yourself over all these years. As your own self-esteem rises, your confidence is boosted, your beliefs and reality change you so you no longer come from this need & lack mentality. As you start to think in a positive way, create new beliefs, see your world through new eyes, take different actions, your whole reality changes into one of abundance and not need and lack.
Don’t keep it to yourself – it’s not worth it, you’re far more valuable than this. Please COMMENT!