Are you Still Trying to Make Your Mother Love You?

Are you Still Trying to Make Your Mother Love You?

Is this you? Are you still trying desperately hard to make the relationship work with your mother – are you fed up with feeling resentment towards her, anger, disappointment and so badly let down yet again……..

Has the pain and hurt become part of your life? Are you craving that love, that attention, and that praise only to be disappointed once more?

I know where you’re coming from, this was me for almost 35 years desperately trying to make the relationship work – I tried EVERYTHING I KNEW and nothing worked so I started to feel even more useless inside the harder I tried. To be told you’re not loved and your mother will never change is like a knife going into your heart – every dream shattered.

That was until I turned my life around, healed myself, the relationship and set mum free to start her healing journey. You too can do this, you can free yourself from this pain and be free, be your own person.

Today, do ONE thing….. stop trying, it doesn’t work and you don’t have to. Trying is exhausting.

If this resonates with you I invite you to take that step and watch my ‘Mother-daughter Dance Video’ – helping you to release yourself from resentment, anger and guilt allowing yourself just to be, unleashing that ‘Inner Brilliance,’  knowing that YOU are enough. WATCH HERE.