Taking a Quantum Leap

There is no going back – yesterday I had the privilege of working with an amazing lady and I call it a privilege because my work involves helping women to go to deep inside themselves, sharing their pain, digging into places they didn’t know were there, going to places they’d rather not visit and baring their souls – by doing this we create miracles, we create baby steps, we create quantum leaps – there is NO going back. Every answer you are looking for in life IS INSIDE YOU!
It’s a question of peeling back the layers until the answer presents itself to you.

Making the right decision for you

Yesterday was nothing short of a miracle for this lady, she made a decision, a clear decision that had been affecting her life for years. She had suffered years of pain and hurt with the relationship she has with her mother. This was seriously affecting the other important relationships in her life. She deliberated to even have any sort of relationship with her. Deciding whether to have a relationship with her or cut her out of her life completely. There are no right or wrong answer with these decisions – they just have to be made so you can move forwards along your path.
Both were choices and she swayed from one to the other being racked with guilt, anger, fury, sadness and a huge disappointment. This has been going on for as long as she could remember but yesterday through tears and heartache she made a decision. Today would be a turning point in her life as there was no going back EVER – she would have a relationship with her mum.
We went through all the scenarios, turned the situation inside out until the decision came to her, she didn’t look for it.

Progress and taking the next step

She made her first phone call in her life without the usual clammy hands, the knot in her stomach, racing heartbeat and the best thing is she was so HAPPY with herself for making the call. Feeling good – she knows where she’s heading now. Now she can take the next step. And the next step. And the next step………………….
Quantum leaps!
This ladies is about moving forwards, this lady will move mountains – I am so proud of her. If you are deliberating about making a decision, talk it through, write it down, share with us here, PM me, whatever it takes but make that decision – total liberation! We’re here to support you – please COMMENT!