~ The Answers You Seek Never Come When The Mind is Busy, They Come When the Mind is Still ~

……….when silence speaks loudest.
Meditation, sleeping, dreaming, the time JUST before fully waking.
These are all times when your mind is the clearest. There are no scattered thoughts racing around. Your mind is settled, calm, serene.
How many times have you awakened in the in the middle of the night and discovered the solution to a challenge you’ve faced? Or you think of a solution in the shower having only been ‘awake’ for a couple of minutes.
Do you ever wonder why that is? It is because of what I said above, this is the time when your mind is settled.
It’s why I meditate and practice yoga. It is only when you are calm, it is only when you are serene, that you will discover the answers.

If you cannot find the solutions to challenges you are facing and you get easily agitated then perhaps you should find time to practice silence. If you are finding many situations stressful perhaps you should find time to practice yoga and to meditate.

You may be surprised to discover you find those solutions more quickly and that stress vanishes.

So often I used to go to bed with a question in my mind about what direction I should take next with my trading career and on many occasions, I’d wake and the resolution would surface.  All it took was to STOP thinking, to STOP dwelling, to let the solution work its way into my uncluttered mind.  The same can be said if you’re facing an emotional challenge.
Simply Stop Thinking.
Surprise yourself today!
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