~ Turning Worry into Success ~

Hi Everyone,
Below is a common question that comes up in coaching so I thought I’d share it today.
” I’m struggling to attract more wealth and success in my life because I’m afraid of both failure and success… how can you acquire confidence when you’re born insecure?”
I bet that a lot of you are struggling in this particular area of your life as well.
The thing is that she’s right, when you’re not confident enough, you have a tendency to make poor decisions based on fear, rather than what’s best for you. For instance, you might work at a job you hate or allow yourself to get deep into debt.
Without confidence, you don’t allow yourself to pursue what you really want in life because you’re afraid.
If this sounds like you, and if you’d like to conquer worry and acquire confidence, wealth & success, then I encourage you to implement my 2 best confidence tips below, starting today! 🙂
Tip 1. Act confident (even when you’re not).
Act as if you’re confident until you master the skill of confidence. Practice, study, learn, fall down, get up and practice again. Eventually, you’ll realize that most of your insecurities are just an illusion. With persistence you’ll naturally feel more confident and you’ll learn to appreciate your gifts.
When this happens, you’ll experience more joy and you’ll trust yourself more too. You’ll then expect others to appreciate your skills and talents also, which will make you even more confident and therefore, it will be easier to reach the level of success and wealth that you desire.
Tip 2. Practice taking action.
Successful people take action, stand up for themselves and seize the moment.
On the other hand, if you often feel scared and afraid, you may experience ‘action paralysis’ and take no action at all.
Whatever type of fear you may be struggling with – fear of failure or success, fear of the unknown, or even what others might think – practicing small actions like saying no, saying yes or asking questions when others are silent, may impact your life in bigger ways than you think.
So whenever you feel like shying away from something you want to do, don’t hold back on it, as you may be missing out on an amazing opportunity in life that could open the door to more abundance and wealth in your life.
I hope this helps!
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To Your Huge Success,