What can be healed by BWRT?

What can be healed by BWRT?

The therapy

What can be healed by BWRT?

Here is a list of things we can treat but it is not exhaustive:

About Louise

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If you’re feeling stuck living in the past, leading a life that isn’t really yours, suffering from anxiety & sadness with no idea what to do next,  it doesn’t have to be that way!

You are so in the right place! When you work with me, you can learn how to claim the life you desire, dream of and deserve. You can have a life lived with purpose, confidence, and a sense of belonging, peace and freedom. You will benefit tremendously from your personally-tailored program, specifically designed to meet you where you are right now. You’ll have a completely private experience in direct contact with me. We’ll travel side-by-side through your entire journey, ensuring that you have the accountability you need.

You will receive weekly one-to-one coaching calls for 12 weeks and full support in between our sessions together. You will also have the opportunity to form relationships with other like-minded people in a private Facebook group. We will be using techniques such as Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Timeline and Regression Therapy, Positive Psychology & NLP Coaching to co-create your new, liberated self for a bright future.

This place of support, comfort, teaching and growth is the very way for you to achieve that inner peace, joy and total fulfillment in your relationships and in life.







Health issues

Pain management





My mission

My life’s mission is to help you go beyond your belief. I believe you deserve the opportunity to turn your dream life into your reality.

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