~ When You’re Serious About Being Happy You Can’t Help But Shine ~

I just wonder if you are like I was a few years ago, striving for perfection to be happy and continually being disappointed on some level. My perspective started to change when someone said this to me: ‘Louise you don’t need a perfect life, you just want to be happy, surrounded by good friends and family who love you for who you are’. So we’re talking acceptance here as well…….
Ok, so who was I………?? I actually had no real idea but I did start to love myself (imperfections and all) ~ this started a revelation of seriously finding true happiness. And that’s just the beginning of my journey.
~ When You’re Serious About Being Happy You Can’t Help But Shine ~
I can’t help but feel this inner fulfillment, satisfaction, peace and grace which drives me to share my experience and knowledge with as many of you who are open to making that change.

“Acceptance is the road to all change.

The people you need to meet always show up when you need them.

I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.

The opinion which other people have of you is their problem, not yours.

Call me crazy but I love to see people happy and succeeding. Life is a journey, not a competition.

In case nobody told you today, you are good enough.

Stop your worrying, panicking and stressing. Breathe. Remember, you made it this far through difficulties that seemed impossible. Remember how many times you were saved at the very last minute — this time is no different.

If you are having one of those days, when life feels like one big struggle, breathe and focus on this moment now. This moment right here. Read this. We want you to know that you are a blessing in the world and who you are and what you do matters. Promise.

Happiness depends on what you can give, not on what you can get.

Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed these quotes as much as I’ve enjoyed finding them and sharing them, have a blessed day.
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