Where am I in this entire crisis?

Where am I in this entire crisis? 

A question I’m sure many of us are asking ourselves as we learn to live in this chaotic world; a world that has become unrecognizable to so many of us. A world that may seem frightening; with no end to what’s happening as we are thrown into the unknown. This is the sort of stuff that makes history.

You may be feeling very uncomfortable as so many different things are being triggered during this time; perhaps you’re noticing anxieties that have been pushed down inside and are now rising to the surface, addictions to things that don’t nurture your soul – maybe work or complicated friendships, people pleasing and the desperate need for validation and acceptance

I so resonate with you

And wanted to share two things that I definitely haven’t been prepared for. Firstly it’s the situation with my dear father who is suffering terribly with dementia and Alzheimer’s. My mother who is his prime carer recently suffered a heart attack and I spent months getting much needed care in place (which mum was very resistant to) but now all this has disappeared with the lockdown and mum’s isolation has been doubly impacted as two weeks ago we moved house; now living two hours away and not just down the road.

As I said goodbye to dad, he leans forward to give me the big bear hug and the kiss as he always does and I have to pull away, the look on his crumpled face was terrible. I could see the hurt and pain in his eyes as his arms dropped to his side. He has no idea about the virus. This moment broke my heart. I can only trust that he can feel my love for him. I focus on the day I can give him a proper hug again as right now that’s the only way he can communicate and hope that he hasn’t totally forgotten me in this time.

During our house move my husband lost his job, leaving us feeling devastated and for now that makes me the breadwinner in the family; a new role for me! Yes, I am super scared; as it’s brand new but I also know it’s an amazing opportunity for me to share my message far and wide that we can all change regardless of our pasts or current situation.

So now my focus has shifted in really building my online business to an incredible level BUT …. and here’s the but…. It’s not all of what I’m doing.

I was contacted by a frontline coordinator to volunteer and help our NHS system  – so many doctors, nurses, intensive care workers and health staff are really suffering under the strain of being at the frontline and caring for so many sick people. So many staff are struggling with the constraints at work and returning to their families at night they need support to get through this, the mental strain is beginning to show.

I am extremely fortunate to be trained in Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), which helps people change their response to any given situation, person or people or past memories. So a huge amount of my time at this moment is being dedicated to the NHS to really just help as many staff to keep doing what they do best; save lives.  I am very proud and humbled to be part of this. The stories I am hearing are heart breaking and traumatic and nothing could have prepared me for this so it’s imperative I look after me first so I can serve these people.

Where are you in this pandemic? I’d love to hear from you.

I believe for all of us it can be a time to let go of codependent relationships, the need to be fulfilled with ‘outside entertainment’ and face the truth that maybe we are hiding from our true selves as our lives slow down.

We are being shown how much we take for granted; things like eating in restaurants, meeting in coffee shops and hugging and socializing with our friends.

It might be a time that you begin to slow down and notice actually what is important to you, building that sense of gratitude for grocery shopping, walking in the fresh air and perhaps having online connections.  You may have more time for meditation, relaxation, self-care and self-love..

Perhaps you’re now ready to heal those deep wounds that have been suppressed for so many years? Are you noticing that you are actually stronger than you once thought, more creative and resilient than you once gave yourself credit for?

I believe it’s a time to recognize those differences in each of us whilst remembering how much we all have in common – life truly is about creating the best human connections; this is what we thrive on.

I think we can all see just how much we have misused Mother earth.

So now it’s time for real change in each and every one of us..

And it’s this that drives me forward in my work. We now have this amazing opportunity to change how we see ourselves.

YOU can decide what kind of life you want to lead. What kind of parent YOU want to be. What kind of partner YOU want to be. What kind of business YOU want to create.

There has never been a better time to work on you – I’d love your thoughts!!