Why I am Not Giving Up

These words still haunt me……’There is nothing more you can do, you’ve done all you can….’. Ahh but do I believe that? For almost 20 years I’ve been supporting my sister through her alcohol addiction and really haven’t got anywhere. I have done all I can in my power, been involved with support groups, social workers, doctors, hospitals, Rehab units, therapists, addiction units…read books, listened to videos and yes I know it’s up to her and it is a disease of denial but that doesn’t stop me trying. I am going one step further next week.

In 10 days time I am embarking on an addiction course, I believe when we are faced with a huge challenge learning and understanding as much as we can about the fears and difficulties we face is a step in the right direction. So there is a huge personal reason for doing this course, not only to help my clients but also to have a better understanding of this wicked disease that destroys families, including my own. I have witnessed families being ripped apart through alcohol and much if it is because it is a ‘taboo’ subject and kept ‘under wraps’. It is true if my sister had a different disease people would be rallying around to help – but not with this, you deal with it alone.
Another of my dreams is to remove the stigma surrounding this as almost every family has or knows someone with an alcohol issue and get it out in the open. By supporting each other and not hiding we have a better chance of a healthier life. At the end of the day I believe these people who drink are desperately unhappy and trapped in a world of denial and confusion with seemingly no way out. I am so looking forward to some answers next week.
I know many of you have reached out to me privately about alcohol and I fully support you but if you can today post here that would be one step further. Let me know if there is anything you want me to bring up on this course, anything I can help you personally with. Let’s bring this out of the dark.
I ‘lost’ my sister years ago but slowly I am trying to build a relationship with her, not telling her what is best, not trying to suggest rehab, alcohol groups, a new way of life – she knows all of that so I focus on our relationship as best I can.
I’d so love your comments on this subject so dear to my heart.