What Will You Risk Today?

Life is all about choices and some choices we make in life will involve taking a risk – each and every one of us at some point will face the decision of which path should we take next? Do you move house? Start a new career? Perhaps leave your job to start a business? Start a family? Begin a new relationship?
Because taking a risk is leaping into the unknown it is scary and full of uncertainty so why would you take that chance of perhaps – losing face, losing a huge amount of money and having to start over again?

Simply because taking that risk, that step, could give you a huge reward but there is always a cost involved. Will you allow that ‘cost’ to hold you back?
Why do I take risks?
• Because risk allows me to grow
• Risk gives me the opportunity to overcome my fears
• Taking risks makes me feel excited
• Because doors open up to new adventures
• I really want to MAKE things happen and not wait
• Because the rewards could be greater than the loss for me
• Taking risks allows me to follow my dreams along a clear path
Taking risks in relationships can be the greatest step you will ever make in your life – you expose yourself to possible deep hurt and pain. BUT is that pain greater than the possibly of finding deep meaningful love from that relationship?
A few years ago I took a huge risk in the relationship I used to have with my mother. We had suffered years of pain and resentment, which led to Mum telling me she didn’t love me and would never change. I decided I would change and spent many months healing myself without a word to Mum. Then I took the risk…..I invited Mum & Dad to stay in Dubai for two weeks without any idea whatsoever what the outcome would be.
I risked exposing myself yet again to the possibility of pain, rejection, hurt and guilt. BUT this time, it was different, I was strong inside, I had a knowing I could take whatever was going to thrown at me. And the fortnight was amazing, not one argument, not one cross word…..just a knowing of acceptance and peace between us which has grown over the years to the deep, loving relationship we enjoy today.
And all because I was prepared to take that risk, I allowed myself to step into the unknown, to risk the price of pain – the need for pushing out of my comfort zone and expanding my world, knowing I took the risk for love, was far greater than sitting there ‘wondering’ what might be. I was prepared for any scenario.
What risk will you take today? I do believe the risk with relationships can be the greatest as the rewards and the loss by far can hurt or elate us the most.
If you are suffering in any way right now with a relationship and undecided what to do – don’t do it alone, we’re here to listen, help and support you. Take that step and reach out today!