~ Worrying Doesn’t Take Away Tomorrow’s Troubles, It Takes Away Today’s Peace ~

Are you a worrier? So how do we stop worrying? Have you ever found yourself worrying about a future event or something you’ve done in the past that you wish you hadn’t? Something that’s got you so caught up that it’s on repeat, playing over and over in your mind? I have – many, many times!
~ Worrying Doesn’t Take Away Tomorrow’s Trouble, It Takes Away Today’s Peace ~
In fact, there are so many times I’ve done this that it would be impossible to count. I’d worry about anything and everything such as upcoming exams, possible conflict, upsetting people, my health, deadlines, how I’d get everything done in time… the list goes on. I’m pretty sure most people can relate to at least one of these worries and have found themselves replaying these scenarios in their minds at some point in their life.  This used to be me but not anymore…………..
Whenever I’ve been worried, it’s been around the questions ‘what if ‘ such and such happens? ‘What if I upset ‘so and so ‘? Or What if people think ‘I’m a failure etc’ about me?
No matter what, I can guarantee that the worries are consistent on these two things:

  • It’s a fear of a negative outcome;
  • It hasn’t happened yet and may never happen OR it’s in the past and can’t be changed.

When I look at what a worry is and the negativity that surrounds it, I know that I have no place for it in my life. In order to have peace and serenity today I must rid myself of fears and worries over things that I can’t change.
Whatever the outcome, I trust that it will be in my best interest, despite the fact that it sometimes doesn’t feel it at the time. In fact, I used to say to myself ‘I trust in life’ over and over again when I caught myself worrying.
I realise now that by worrying about a negative outcome, I was attracting that exact scenario to play out. Instead, I now visualise my desired outcome so that I can attract a positive scenario to play out.
In changing the way see our worries, we can learn to dissolve them in an instant, simply by recognising them and altering our thoughts. Worrying about what may or may not happen in the future, won’t change the outcome. It only ‘takes away today’s peace’.
Try this great little exercise. Firstly become AWARE of your worries or negative thoughts, but don’t do anything with them, just watch them so you know what you’re thinking. Then you can move on to the next stage of saying in your head ‘Cancel, cancel’, when  a negative thought or a worry comes into mind, this starts to dissolve the power of the thought so the worry thought loses it’s energy. Do this several times until it starts to become a habit, then finally end every negative sentence positively. For example, ” I am so worried what my boss will think of the project I completed yesterday, but I did the best I could so the outcome will be good”. The more you do this, the easier it becomes and soon worrying becomes a thing of the past. This all takes time and does not happen instantly, you have been thinking in a negative way for many years so it will take time, patience and discipline to keep it up.
But I promise you it’s worth it!
Allow yourself some peace today.
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