~ You Are Confined Only by the Walls You Build Yourself ~

If you think or feel as though you’re not succeeding in some or multiple areas of your life right now, there’s a reason.
The reason? You’ve built a wall.
A wall that keeps you insulated from feeling life fully. A wall that keeps space between you and authentic relationships (romance, friends, family, etc.) so no one ever has the opportunity to hurt you (or so you think). A wall of self-taught lies about what you are and are not capable of. A wall of perception coloured by worst case scenarios. A wall of unrelenting fear.
I think it’s important to build walls. Really important.
Because without them, there’s nothing to break through. There simply are no breakthroughs without walls. 
We are born wall-less. We acquire walls slowly over the course of our lives. Walls even get built faster at some points—usually during periods of trauma or distress. With every little hurt, we add a brick to our wall.
If you want to be successful, there’s literally nothing stopping you aside from the walls you’ve built for yourself. 
Think about this as you go about your daily business.