You are Stronger than You Think

You really are – whatever you are faced with right now, whatever you are going through right now, whatever you are feeling right now you really are stronger than you think. YOU can do this.
As some of you know Sophie, our youngest daughter lost her best furry friend, Molly who she devoted her life to. I wanted to share with you how she has surprised herself with coping.
Yes, there have been buckets of tears and the pain is very raw BUT Sophie has been far braver than she thought she could be and she’s’ doing the best thing – talking to family, talking to friends, surrounding herself with people who love & care.
So, what has Molly’s passing left Sophie with –
– she so understands the importance of love and relationships totally outweigh any material goods in life,
– she’s learnt how courageous she is
– she’s learnt how brave she is
– she’s learnt that love hurts but it’s so worth it,
– she will love again
– as a Civil Engineer, she has a great job but she now has the strength to follow her PASSION
– this PASSION Sophie is looking into is a ‘Doggy Day Care Home’ as a business.
So, you can see from the above how much we can learn from deep pain, from desperate loss, from the greatest nightmare comes faith, hope and more love.
Sophie is now throwing herself into looking into this new business – Molly has given her the strength to do this.
What strength are you finding in your deepest pains? We are here to help you. Please COMMENT.