You Are What You Think

I was chatting with a friend of mine yesterday who I hadn’t seen in a few years seen and whilst we were talking about the everyday comings and goings in our lives she said quite boldly, ‘Louise, how on earth has my life got into this state?’. My reply was very simple she had created everything around her in her physical world and it had all started with a single thought. Oh, and it didn’t happen overnight. She said, ‘Really? How can that be? I didn’t set out to be unhappily married?’
And she’s right, you don’t set out consciously to create debt, develop unhappy relationships, become overweight and really not enjoy life BUT subconsciously that is exactly what you could be doing. The subconscious mind determines over 95% of our behaviours so if you don’t like what you see around you, it’s that bit that needs changing as everything in life starts with a single thought. And your most dominant thought always wins.
I invite you today to put the kettle on, make yourself a welcoming cup of tea or coffee or fill up a glass with a nice cold drink and take 5 minutes all to yourself. Think about your life and what is in your world – you have miraculously created it all. Think about every area of your life – where you live, what relationships you have, how much money you have, your health, your friends and your happiness – YOU have created all of this and everything started with a single thought.
What did you come up with?
I did this exercise years ago when I was at my lowest point in my life with failed relationships, serious health issues and debt up to my ears – it was painful to see my reality but it was also liberating to know that because I was the one in charge of creating all the mess I was also the one in charge to re-create what I wanted. I couldn’t do it alone so I asked for help and you don’t have to be alone either – we are here for you.
It was that simple – change my way of thinking and my world would change. One great step you can take today is just to be AWARE of that inner chatter – that self-talk, that ‘monkey mind’, be aware of what your little voice is telling you because that is your subconscious mind – we get huge conflict within ourselves when the subconscious and that conscious aren’t aligned, so we say one thing and do another. When your mind is aligned, you will live the life you want, on your terms and it will flow easily without the internal struggle between your conscious and subconscious thoughts.
I am now in a place where I feel incredible love in all of my relationships, feel fit and energised, have a healthy bank account and so want to share a little bit of this with anyone who is ready to make that change – I know what it’s like to suffer such deep pain but I also know what it’s like to love life.
I’d love to hear how you get on? What’s your greatest struggle? Once we are aware we can start the changes. COMMENT today – let’s take that first step together.