~ You Are What You Think All Day Long ~

Positivity builds Positivity – both in ourselves and those we engage with.
I know this, and yet… I’ll admit that a busy day, or a challenging meeting, can throw my focus off track. So, today I decided to try an experiment. One that I like to call “No Positive Too Small”.
– gosh, I love tea. Tea is marvelous. Okay one more delicious tea!
– ooh, a shower. And that shampoo that smells nice. And some  stretching. Nice!
– Ah, sunshine on the way to work, nice. Thank you taxi driver for stopping to let me past. Hey clients, I like you! I hope you had a great holiday, I’m glad that you’re back!
– yo, youngest daughter. You rock! And a capuchino!
– pretty clouds outside the window and a chat with a client about home-grown vegetables. Embracing common ground while trading tips and veg. Yes.
– okay, so this work is difficult… challenging… and I’m really glad that you, as my boss, think that I’m up to stretching myself with this responsibility. Isn’t it great that if we really push to get this out soon, we can feel like we did the best we could for our client?
– wow, my neighbour looks beautiful in that dress. I should tell her. No, I won’t, that would sound crazy. Ah, whatever “Excuse me, I just wanted to say that your dress really suits you and you look great!”
So, I’m sort of joking, but not really – of course I had negative thoughts today (tiredness and feeling irritable), but I found that the act of making a note of the positives as I thought them, however seemingly trivial, really focused me on appreciating them. I’m not exactly proud of this list – I understand that some of it seems a little self-centred. But I picked a random day just to see where I got the joy from, so I feel like I can’t judge myself for the results. But I can try to influence myself going forward.
What happy thoughts did you have today? I would love to hear from you…..info@wellnesslivingnow.com