~ You Can’t Control Other People but You Can Control Yourself ~

This was a real eye opener for me on a personal level and once I learnt to truly understand this at a cellular level my whole world changed. Of course I understood intellectually that I couldn’t change people, but I didn’t understand this emotionally. Hence my behaviour towards my mother was still such that I still tried to make her the mother I craved for.
Of course this truth applies to other relationships, as well. Sometimes no amount of effort to influence can create the change you want to see. In an intimate relationship, that can be heartbreaking. Whether it’s something big or something little (is anything really “little” in a relationship?), it’s the same: All you can do is change your own reaction, response, and behaviour. If you truly, genuinely express your heart and someone doesn’t respond the way you’d like him or her to, and you try something different and it still doesn’t work, you have to face the honest truth that the only thing you can change is yourself. Sometimes that means staying in the relationship in a different way. Other times, it means leaving it.
For me after almost 35 years of constant arguing with my mother I was left so full of anger, doubt, guilt, hatred and pure demoralization that I knew I had to change. I either had to change myself or walk away totally from the relationship that had been deteriorating for years. And I did, my personal journey began and it has changed my entire life so profoundly. It was a journey of pain, insight, wonder and pure joy as I released years of negativity. Because of this tremendous transformation my mother and I now have a loving relationship that is now growing everyday. Those feelings of anger, frustration and doubt all melted away slowly to be replaced with love, forgiveness and pure joy. I have literally taken years off my life and feel so much lighter. This has given me amazing drive to help others who also might be suffering. There is always hope, never believe anything else.
And it all started the day I said to myself “I will change” and I started on my journey of being able to control my mind ~ unbelievably empowering.I know this isn’t always easy especially with the world we live in today, but just for today THINK about this as you go about your daily business and see what a difference you can make.
If you’re struggling with this whether it be family or friends who are pulling you down why not schedule a FREE Discovery Session? ……Let’s connect and explore the possibilities of you learning to love yourself and enjoying your own company. It is possible for absolutely everybody to do this if you choose to. I look forward to learning more about you.