Why you’re not asking for help right now

Is this you? Desperate to keep everyone happy but unable to reach out and say ‘I need help’? You are not alone – there is a great awareness around this now and I am hoping that this will bring women the strength to step forwards. We are not meant to suffer alone in silence – just for today think about letting that bulletproof wall down and letting someone lend you a hand.
Why is it that asking for help can be so hard but if we did we would further our business, develop that relationship, understand that challenge, progress in our lives and feel a huge sense of relief? So what stops us? I think this comes at a perfect time for us here as many of us are struggling with this and have done for a long time.

I’ve come up with some suggestions here as to why you might not want to ask for help when you need it and also some questions you can ask yourself as to WHY –
• I will feel rejected by my friends if I ask for help & don’t want them to know how bad it is –
Do you reject your friends when they open up to you?
• I don’t want people to think I am weak or to feel sorry for me –
If you help a friend out do you look at them as if they are weak and take pity on them?
• I feel full of shame and embarrassment –
When a friend comes to you asking for help do you make them feel embarrassed or ashamed?
• I don’t want to be a burden on them –
Do you look at people as a burden who reach out that hand for help?
• I will appear weak and appear as a ‘failure’ –
Ask yourself if you think failing at a task makes that person a failure? Is that person weak for asking for advice?
• I know I should be able to do this alone –
Sit quietly and ask yourself how you perceive others who ask for help as they are struggling alone?
• Asking for help appears a selfish act –
Do you see the friend reaching out to as a selfish person?
• I feel obligated to help them in return –
When you give a friend a helping hand do you expect them to help you in return?
I hope some of these questions helped you to see that it isn’t a sign of weakness to ask for help but a sign of strength. All the most successful people in life didn’t do it alone, they were smart enough to gain support when they needed it.
Today, climb down from your hamster wheel, reach out to someone you trust – there are so many people out there who would be absolutely delighted to help you. Will you do this today?